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Anchor Text

The anchor text that is link to the website is the words “my website”. So why does anchor text matters? This is very vital especially for search engine as they view anchor text as relevant to your website. Keywords typed into different search engines will provide relevant results. Actually, there are millions of web pages that are similar to your website that is why anchor text is vital. This will help search engine like Google to determine which website is the most relevant through anchor text.

Links provided by anchor text are considered as the backbone of SEO. If you are determined to land on the first page of Google search results, then you need to build several links using anchor text. Aside from giving your website the opportunity to be on top, anchor text can also promote natural SEO. As much as possible, you need to keep it natural. Natural anchor text profile is diverse. People on the web will normally link different anchor texts to your website and your inner pages. It only means that if you are planning to link your website, then you need to imitate a natural link profile.

30% Exact anchor text

If you want your website to rank based on your keyword, then you need to use exact keywords on web pages as well as links going to your website with preferred keywords as your anchor text. This is not a new rule and it will never change. It is vital that you get 20% to 30% of keywords in your anchor text in order for Google to know that your website is related to these keywords.

20%  phrase type anchor text

You need to know more about phrase match anchor text. For example: You can check out this cool hotel spa rejuvenation center. The anchor text within the sentence is “hotel spa rejuvenation center”, which is the exact anchor text matching the desired keywords, but it is included within other words to make a sensible statement. This kind of anchor text with diverse variations link to your website is how people will naturally link to your website.

40% brand anchor text

This one is very important as search engines like Google is giving significance to websites with strong brand. Branding a website is not an easy task. If you can use your brand name within the anchor text, then it can help establishing your website as a brand. This is the reason why precise domain names are rank easier according to their desired keywords compared to website without matching domain names. If you can use your domain name as your anchor text, then it will give you a more leeway over your competitors.

10 % Generic Anchor Text

Example: Click Here, Visit Now

It can make your website look good in the eyes of search engines and Can Increase Search Engine Rankings

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