Importance of Anchor Text Diversification 11 years ago

Anchor Text Diversification

Algorithm will always change and this can create a huge impact in anchor text optimization. The use of anchor text is very important in today’s competitive online world. Anchor text are texts that are linked within a content and you will see it either underlined or in blue color. It can be a word or a phrase. If you will write a relevant article for your website and you like to use an anchor text pointing to your website, then you need to use an HTML code such as <a href=””>Your Keyword</a>.

Google and other search engines give importance to links to your website with the use of an anchor text. You should not rely solely on link related to your website as anchor text is your key to reach the top. Search engines are getting smarter and they can easily spot which website make used of unnatural link building.

If you are serious with your online business, then anchor text diversification is essential. This can provide great result that is preferred by search engines. If you have a website, then you need to find out if your website requires keyword diversity. If you are aware that you need your site to be diversified, then take a look at this process.

You need to acquire a report to your backlink profile through an anchor text. The first thing that you need to do is to find out links that you have for your anchor text. This might seem as an impossible task for you, but with the help of free tools it is now possible. You also need to check for competition backlink profile. You can also perform the same process for your competitors in the market. This will give you an idea on how many keywords your competitors are targeting and different variations per keyword.

Next is to analyze as well as compare anchor text distribution. You will not be able to use ratios or figures for keyword diversification. However, you can use a guideline that is based on your observation from your competitors. You also need to repair over-optimized keywords as well as anchor texts. If you are going to repair, then there are two possible options for you.

  1. First is to focus on eliminating links with your over-optimized anchor text.
  2. Second is to focus on building links that can promote different keywords to decrease the ratio of your over-optimized keywords.

No matter what options you prefer, you need to realize that it is not an overnight process as it requires a lot of time, effort and patience on your part. If you will opt for anchor text diversification, then you can create a natural SEO that will not hit any search engine penalty in the near future.

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