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SEO helps in ranking your business. It will be beneficial only if we keep a track of it. Having a presence on search engine and not knowing your web rank is equal to not having one. The competition in the market is tough and one has to constantly monitor their rankings. SEO is a never ending task and requires changes over a period of time. Google keeps a check on the trends and launches new algorithms as per the need. Thus, do not heave a sigh of relief once you see your site at the top. If you do not keep a track of it, a fall is for sure. The role doesn’t end by promoting your site. It needs a constant tracking and improvement. Here are few reasons why keeping a track of your web rank is important:


Helps to check your traffic source:

There could be huge traffic on your website, but you must be aware of the sources from where the traffic is generating. Your URL would have received a referral link from some other sites or say it could be through a promotional link. There could be a direct navigation to your link. Your URL would have appeared in the search results. Thus, it is better to keep a track of your traffic source and compare them. Find out the weaknesses and improvise on it. Google analytics is an important tool which will fetch you real time data.


Helps in Keyword optimization:

The whole SEO process revolves round the power of keywords. There are times when we are so obsessed with a particular keyword that we neglect the ones that is generating the traffic. There could be new trends in keyword optimization or there could be demand for secondary keywords. Thus, such things needs to be considered and changes has to be made accordingly. There are supporting keywords which makes more sense to the users many a times.

Helps in increasing the conversion rate:

A business runs on numbers. Higher the profit ratio, greater are the chances of it’s survival. The ultimate motive of every website it to generate a greater conversion rate. Your website could fetch you a high traffic, but if there are no conversions happenings, a serious thought must be given. If you have the web analytics report handy, you can have a check on the statistics and plan accordingly. Check all the data related to every web page and get deeper into it. Ezee Rank Tracker can help you in tracking your site.


Lets you know the indexed pages:

When a new site or content is created, it needs to be indexed by Google. The Google Webmaster Tools assists in indexing the page. Tracking your site will let you know whether your page is indexed or not. As the business gets larger and larger, the content demand gets higher. A level of transparency is expected from the brand. Thus, each pages has to carefully designed and mapped to lure the audiences.


Hope this article has been useful to you. Keep a regular check on your web [pages and website to ensure that the rank hasn’t gone down. There are many software available in the market that tracks the website. Do opt for and set your own business trend. Let us know if you have any queries.

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