Blacklist 6 years ago

We are Sorry to inform that – You have been Blacklisted in Our System.


Possible Reasons:

1. You have created a dispute without contacting us first.

2. You have initiated Chargeback in Paypal with false information or without waiting for us to reply.

3. You Abused or Misbehaved with our System.

4. You Have been blacklisted by Morethan 3 Vendors in JVZoo or PaydotCom for Serial Refunds + Chargebacks.


You need to understand that Paypal is our Main Payment Gateway and a Dispute or Chargeback is a strict No for them.


Dispute or Chargeback creates a Huge Risk for us and Continuity of our Business. We take all the refund and support request very seriously and double check them all the time to ensure all users are responded with solution and refunds sanctioned in time. (<12 Hours During Business Days and <48 During Weekends and Public Off’s)


Please Contact us if you think that you have been added by mistake.


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