Top 2015 SEO Trends: 9 years ago

Search Engine Optimization is the crux of the digital world. A business without having a presence in the digital market cannot survive these days. SEO has been existing since long, however it has gained popularity in the recent years. Google has been smart enough to bring changes in their algorithms every now and then. This is primarily done to prevent spamming and protect the genuine content. The SEO Trends keeps changing and one must be proactive towards it. Here are the top 2015 SEO trends that will impact your business:


1. Video search will grow higher:

Yes, people have switched from reading mode to video mode. Visuals will work better for businesses’. According to KISSmetrics, 64 to 85 percent people will make a purchase after having a look at the product video. Thus, if you are planning to shoot a video, ensure that the video is fully optimized. Use the relevant keywords. Give an apt and catchy title to grab the eyeballs. Keep the meta description crisp and informative.


2.  Keywords and links will be less important:

Much emphasis has been given to keywords and backlinks. Keywords rules the digital world. The Off-page methods were carried out merely to add more backlinks. However, there is a change in the trend. The content will be prioritized over the keywords and the backlinks. People long for information and the keyword & content must be completely connected. Your site will be indexed and ranked on the basis of your content and relevancy rather than the keywords. Do give a thought about it!


3. Ranking factors:

The factors such as click through rate (CTR), call to action (CTA), Dwell time and Bounce rate will have huge impact on the ranking of your site. If you are wondering what are these technical terms all about, here goes the explanation:

CTR: It indicates the number of clicks over impressions. Higher the CTR rate, better is the traffic.

CTA: It ignites the visitors to take some actions.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who navigates to another site, immediately after clicking to your site defines the bounce rate.

Dwell Time: The total time spent on the website by the user defines the dwell time.

Thus, the business owners must focus on these factors to get a higher site ranking.

4. More focus on existing content:

Time has come when the businesses’ must give their complete attention to the content. The trend says that the business owners will revise and edit their content rather than going for new content all the way from scratch. Good move, I must admit!


5. More emphasis on Mobile SEO:

Smart-phones have overruled the desktops. More and more people are opting for mobile search to save time and effort.  A responsive web design is must for your website. It will automatically adjust the layout of the website as per the size of the screen. Mobile friendliness has become a major criteria for your website to be ranked by Google. The new website owners will have to go for responsive mobile designing. The existing owner can get back to their designers and developers to hurry up with the changes.

Hope this article has been useful to you. These are the most important SEO trends that will rule the year 2015. Focus on the above mentioned tips to get a higher web ranking. Do share your feedback us.

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