Theoretical Introduction to On Page SEO 8 years ago

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this refers to the various methods that are basically used to draw people to websites.  SEO is quite easy to understand.  If you want your website to gain popularity, then you should find it necessary to optimize it. There are two major divisions of SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. We will discuss about On Page SEO

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Keyword research

First, try to use the easiest method, which is the use of keywords.  I’m sure that most website owners and developers will agree with me on this statement.  This probably is the reason why a lot of websites focus mostly on the words they use in their website contents.  Contents would include articles, press releases, marketing campaigns, descriptions and also photos.  Keywords, by the way, can be a single word or group of words and they are what people normally type when looking for particular topics in search engines like Yahoo, Bing and, of course, Google.  If you are knowledgeable with the right placement of keywords in your contents, it won’t be difficult for you to get ranked.

Titled keyword

One of the most important factors that influence web site ranking is the proper use of keywords in title. By creating catchy keywords that are relevant to your company’s products and putting them in the title, increases the possibility of your web site’s appearance in the search engine results.

Keyword density

On page SEO techniques put a lot of pressure to keywords used in the content. When writing a SEO text attention must be paid in the keyword density, as it has to be balanced; not too little, not too many. Too many keywords in a text will probably confuse search engines and rank it as a spam, but too little might not be enough.

Also you have to keep in mind that your web site is made for “natural” people, not machines, who will spend time to read the web site’s content. You have to make sure that the keywords are placed in the right way to make the text flow naturally, instead of an over- filled with keywords text that makes no sense at all.

One of a kind content

If you want to make your web stand out, you have to make its content unique. That means that you will have to create a one of kind content that can’t be found in any other page. Otherwise you risk the possibility to undervalue your web site that may not even appear in the search engine results.

Content upgrade

Times to times you will need to change your content and upgrade it. In that way your web page will look active, increasing the ranking position in the search engine results. Furthermore, it will make the visitors more eager to choose your web site again, if they see that the page is constantly renewed.

To sum up, depending on where do you want to put emphasis, these factors influence the web site ranking and affect its visibility.

Link building

Internal links in your web site help search engines and users in finding your web page easier. No one is interested wasting their time and getting lost when trying to find a page, so the better way to increase visitors “clicks” is by making a simple navigation system based on links, without over killing your web site.








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