The “Panda” Judgment 8 years ago

Google Panda update is a change in the algorithm system that Google uses to rank web sites. This update is meant to lower the ranking position of web sites that are considered of having low quality and upgrading the sites with high quality content. It was a very strict decision and it affected many web sites that after being lowered to “death” can’t do much to revive.

Some criteria by which Google Panda is ranking a web site could be a high resemblance of contents and a poor amount of original texts. Also when the content doesn’t match the search engine results and it has been filled with keywords for SEO purposes, is making Google Panda suspicious about the site’s quality.

In addition to, a web site’s ranking position is determined by the number of its visitors and by the number of frequent visitors and bounce rate as well. Lack of links may cause a slow undervaluation of your web site.

Since Google Panda emphasizes on quality content, there are some measurements that you can take to avoid being low ranked.

  1. You can start by putting away all the low quality content in your website. If your total web site is of great content, crawlers will track even the slightest presence of low quality content such as articles written very badly or produced in short amount of time.
  2. You should be able to create unique content for your web site, because it will not only offer greater possibility in human traffic but will save your web site from vanishing out of Google’s search results.
  3. Your work at social media also is important and it must provide a certain feeling of trust. That means that your followers or the people who are members in your web page and the links they provide you must be reliable. So, there must be a balance in the relevance of the content and the provided links.


Google Panda is updated to make sure that low quality web sites don’t constitute an obstacle for the high ranking of web sites with quality content. It provides a fair game to the web sites that truly are unique and helpful to its users, than others that use fake information and cheat. As many web sites improve their content, users are also benefited from such updates as they are able to choose from more reliable results.

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