An Introduction to SEO 11 years ago

An introduction to SEO

If you are interested in the internet business world by creating your own company’s website or by browsing potential work places as a writer, you will definitely come across the initial SEO, known as the Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is an internet marketing process that affects the visibility traffic of a webpage in the search results of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In other words SEO are special techniques that are used in order to list a website in the search engine results as relevant to what people are searching for and in that way gain more visitors to the website. It is a promoting strategy in the internet market that uses many SEO methods including the use of specific keywords, content editing, link building and more. There is a whole SEO industry that provides that kind of services to anyone who is new to the interne marketing world and the companies behind it are called “Search Engine Optimizers”.

But how is SEO valuable to its users? That question can be rephrased to what are the benefits for SEO users and their company. The results of SEO techniques are not always visible to its clients but the work that has been done or not is visible in the company’s performance. Search engine optimizers make the access to the website more approachable and easy in a local but also in a global way. That can make your company known not only to you but to your target audience anywhere in the world. The second in the series of benefits can be seen as a side effect of the first. If you successfully made your company known, that would immediately increase the traffic of your website. SEOs use tools and methods to gain more visitors to your company that could probably end up as future customers as well. And if you are wondering how much all these services cost, you will be happy to know that SEO services don’t need a great amount of funds and your company can maintain a long term position.

The benefits of search engine optimized websites have been proved and they are all connected to the way search engines see SEO methods. Google for example works with a system of “crawls” and “spiders” and basically what it does is to look at the relevance of the content and categorize it to its index. SEO techniques provide websites a good standing in Google results by upgrading its content and making it friendlier to the search engines.

To conclude with, factors that influence search engine optimization and affect the ranking position of the web site can be the position and the frequency of the keywords in the content. A higher use of keywords in title tag leads to a higher rank of the website. Other factors may include the uniqueness and relevance of the content, the link building, the constant upgrade of the content and others.

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