Why you need to diversify your backlink? 11 years ago

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People who are into SEO are not diversifying, because they do not realize the advantages that it can offer. If you will take advantage of diverse backlinks, then you will surely reach the top of Google search ranking. It is important for backlink to be scattered online and can be found on sites that are relevant to your niche. There are tactics that you can do to solidify your backlinking strategy.

The first thing that you need to know is about site extension diversity. Google appreciates backlinks that comes from .gov, .net, .edu and .com. It is true that backlinks with .edu and .gov are powerful since Google gives importance and authority to these websites. Acquiring this type of extensions for backlinks is not hard. You can easily find them, but they are more common on forums and with lesser moderation compared to .com.

You can also opt for the IP diversity. Google is not fond of seeing links that comes from the same IP address. It is very easy for anyone with lots of websites and with same IP to put backlinks for their website. Other links with similar IP address is being diluted when it comes to the ranking ability of your link. There are tools that you can use to check out for IPs like Firefox plug-in or you can opt for link packets where websites are already checked for diversity of IP.

The first two tactics that have been mentioned are common and anyone doing SEO is aware about them. The third tactic is the one that is most of the time overlooked. This is the location or country diversity. Google give credit to links that comes from different locations or countries. If your links are all come from the United States, then Google will not give it too much importance. If you are getting links from 20 diverse countries, then Google will view it as relevant. It is already proven that if your website is getting links from different countries, then it is mean that it is powerful.

Getting links from different locations and countries is not hard to achieve as there are thousands foreign forums that will give you the chance to post your link that other people can view. All you need to do is to use Google toolbar to translate foreign language to English, so you can fill out and answer questions appropriately. You will find software that can easily do it for you such as Wiki Crusher. If you backlinks are diversified, then it will be considered as high quality links. It will look very natural and Google will view your site as a relevant search result. There are SEO providers that can do it for you.

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