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Reaching the top spot of search engines like Google is very hard to do, especially if you are targeting popular or common keywords. It will take awhile right before you reach the top ten. This is the dilemma of most webmasters that they need to overcome. You can choose between Whitehat SEO and Blackhat SEO. You need to know both advantages and disadvantages of these two options.

There is one very well-known advantage and disadvantage of Whitehat SEO strategy. You will not be penalized, but it will take a longer time right before you reach the top. While Blackhat SEO can offer faster turn of events, but there are definite reasons why you should avoid Blackhat. This strategy is unethical because this method is purely cheating. If you do not give importance to ethics, then there are other valid reasons.

It is very easy to find out if a website is using this kind of cheat, all you need to do is to press CTRL + A. This is the fastest way for you to see everything like hidden text. Webpage can also be checked with the used of view page source.

Another technique of Blackhat SEO is through spamming of diverse blogs and forums. This is not a natural link building technique. Spamming is not tolerated, so it will be deleted after several days. These forums have moderators that can quickly delete spam messages. In a matter of hours, your messages will be screened and deleted out of their system. Moderators screened comments and messages, so your spam messages will not likely to appear on highly maintained websites. Moderated sites also have no follow feature. It only means that links that comes from website using Blackhat are ignored by different search engines.

With Blackhat, there is a possibility that your website will be removed from SE result or your rank will be downgraded. This is not a long term solution. Whitehat SEO is time consuming, but it can offer best long term results. If you are using Whitehat for a very long time, then there is peace of mind that your site will not be removed from search engine ranking. For as long your site is there, then there is a possibility that it will increase in ranking.

You need to become aware that excessive use of Whitehat method can turn into Blackhat. For instance, posting of backlinks to comments from related blogs is considered safe, but once you use software to submit large quantity of the same comment, then it is already Blackhat. If you want a sure fire way to reach the top, then you need to fight fairly and with pride if you want positive results that can last for a lifetime.

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