Ezee Rank Tracker Gets Another Major Update + New Feature! 9 years ago

Hey Guys!

I am Very happy to Announce our Brand New Features “Alerts” and “Project Insights”. It is out from internal beta testing now!


About Alerts Feature:

Now you can configure to send alerts every 6-24 Hours. You can set time anywhere between 6 hours and 24 hours. If you Set 6 hours, then every 6 hours it will check all keywords and send you an email with changes. Isnt it cool? And its completely Automated!! Just make sure you have configured your SMTP in Settings.




Make sure to flip all switches of notification so that you wont miss any notification of keywords. You will Get an Email just like this..


alert email

Important: Alerts Feature May Need Proxies! As now you are checking every 6 hours you might need good amount of proxies for this feature to work properly. if you have more than 50 Keywords we suggest you to get proxy from our Recommended Provider here.


About Project Insights:

Project Insights

Well Image is Self Explanatory! With just one click you will get all Sophisticated Datas about your keyword Rankings within seconds! Gain, Loss, Maintained, Top Keywords and their Position at a Glance with beautiful Graph!!

Note: We have almost completed planning V2 of Ezee Rank Tracker and will resume Development Shortly!

These Two New Features are Out of Beta and Currently Free for All Users. Very Soon we will limit this to only Pro Users!! So Buy it NOW!!

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