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Discussion in 'Support' started by johndimice, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. johndimice

    johndimice New Member

    Hi, just purchased this product and I see that there is a spreadsheet which list 135 wiki websites which I can submit my websites to.
    I am wondering how can I find more wiki websites so I can submit my websites to more than 135? is there a place that has such a list?
    Thanks for the help.
  2. johndimice

    johndimice New Member

    My second question is why after I have completed the submissions for 2 of my websites, one of them gives these stats; 72 total sites, 3 success, 11 failed. And the second webiste I did says these stats; 72 total sites, 17 success, 18 failed.

    Those numbers do not add up to 72 sites, and why is it 72 sites and not 135 sites?
  3. johndimice

    johndimice New Member

    Doesn´t seem like any support is alive in the forums, guess I´ll submit a ticket and see what happens.
  4. johndimice

    johndimice New Member

    I asked for a refund via email 3 days ago and never heard back from you guys. I didn´t want to post this in the forums as that does not look great for your product, but there is no reason I am waiting for 3 days. Tomorrow I will file a complaint at paypal. Don´t bother responding to this message in the forums as it is pointless since you never responded to my questions when I first joined. Too little, too late.
  5. Yogesh

    Yogesh Member Staff Member ADMINISTRATOR I'm Developer

    Apologies for Delays in Responding tickets. Would you like us to help you via team viewer session?

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