Non mobile compatible sites found ARE in fact mobile friendly

Discussion in 'Local Lead Beast' started by randy_hadd, Nov 18, 2017.


Are your LeadFinder searches saying non mobile ready sites which in fact ARE mobile friendly?

  1. Have same issue only finding sites already setup for mobile

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  2. Lead finder finds great sites with non-mobile functionality

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  1. randy_hadd

    randy_hadd New Member

    I was PUMPED to get into your software until I ran the Leads generator.
    So when I checked out about the first 8 in the list denoted as NOT having a mobile compatible
    site and went to their sites, turns out the all DID have mobile friendly sites, and some pretty
    darn nice ones at that! The following is a list of the sites that came up which I checked out on my
    Note 5 android phone.!

    What am I missing? At this rate I can see it taking hours just to sift through the sites that supposedly
    do not have mobile friendly sites which in fact do, until I find one that actually doesn't.
    Please advise.

    Randy Haddad
  2. jjmarketin

    jjmarketin New Member

    I had the exact same problem

    A bit perplexed after doing some lead
    searches - I find plenty sites saying they
    are not mobile but then copy the website
    into Google friendly test and they are practically
    all mobile already?

    Any suggestions at all - thanks
  3. Yogesh

    Yogesh Member Staff Member ADMINISTRATOR I'm Developer Beta Tester

    Please check for Google PAge Speed as well.
  4. comtekcc

    comtekcc New Member

    I have the same question. How come there are no replies to these questions by the developers of the Mobiler?

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