No Audio on Video Created

Discussion in 'VidMazon' started by affiliateb, Jan 13, 2018 at 8:18 AM.

  1. affiliateb

    affiliateb New Member

    Anyone having this issue - No Audio on Video Created?
  2. glennrly

    glennrly New Member

    Yeah, the software generates the video for me but find there is no audio. Found that before you render a video and preview the text-to-speech, there is none, even when you select the different voices. I've tried clearing my browser of cookies and data, closing all tabs. I've even checked my computer and other devices for viruses and tried running Vidmazon on a different browser, but still the same problem when creating a video, no audio. I've already emailed them about the problem and hopefully they will resolve it.
  3. judylakshm

    judylakshm New Member

    Me too. I'm really frustrated with the software that looks so nice but doesn't work as claimed.
  4. jsendak

    jsendak New Member

    Same problem - no audio.

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