It doesn't upload videos on youtube

Discussion in 'VidMazon' started by marangosni, Jan 11, 2018 at 11:49 PM.

  1. marangosni

    marangosni New Member

    It does not upload videos on youtube.

    It starts uploading and tells you to wait but then it freezes

    Also, the amazon affiliate link does not appear in the description even though my Amazon Keys are active

    Are you gonna fix all these???
  2. valeriebar

    valeriebar New Member

    I have made my first video and am truly blown away. I love the app. Just a suggestion on the photo editor; link it to Youzign and/or other free photo platforms.


  3. josgir

    josgir New Member

    same problem here
  4. Yogesh

    Yogesh Member Staff Member ADMINISTRATOR I'm Developer Beta Tester

    Affiliate keys takes atleast 24-48 hours to be active.
  5. Rowiepv

    Rowiepv New Member

    I had no problem yesterday uploading videos or getting Amazon products, everything worked immediately. Today, no audio on videos,
    no access to the multi downloads, program freezes. Not happy...
  6. safiyyahsu

    safiyyahsu New Member

    Software freezes all the time. Can't make video, Searching products sometimes stops halfway, sometimes can't even get access. Very frustrated.
  7. Yogesh

    Yogesh Member Staff Member ADMINISTRATOR I'm Developer Beta Tester

    Its TTS Issue.. Will be sorted out.
  8. phillip_pa

    phillip_pa New Member

    If having issues uploading - check the length of the video title. I found videos with very long titles would not upload, but when I shortened them they uploaded ok
  9. shi_yeli

    shi_yeli New Member

    Why now I can't upload to youtube? I already shorten the title, but still it doesn't upload to youtube....loading for long , not uploading.. please fix this. please answer @Yogesh ?

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