CUSTOM EMAIL - crashed

Discussion in 'Local Lead Beast' started by shekhar, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. shekhar

    shekhar New Member

    I added a few custom email in the editor....spent a few hours

    I can not see the EDIT/DELETE button thereafter. Can not add any more custom emails and Can not delete the one in there

    OMG... I am completely locked out, on this OTP feature.

    Wrote to support@llb, also wrote to Vic...still waiting for their reply.

    Beginning to think and doubt of the reliability and consistency..whats there can disappear in minute, how do you go to then? ...OMG
  2. shekhar

    shekhar New Member

    I awaiting Since FRIDAY.. no support- nothing!
  3. addisplay

    addisplay New Member

    what is going on with this software it does not print out a pdf...selling stuff that does not work can you sleep at night...knowing that you have a problem with the software...what am i supposed to figure it out...give me a break...i think i had it....

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