cannot login to mobilrr???

Discussion in 'Bugs Report' started by crackers, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. crackers

    crackers New Member

    I purchased this and OTO, looks really good. Tried to login, it doesn't recognize my email (my CONTACT email or my Paypal email) when I click the 'forgot password' link. I never got an email with my password. I submitted a trouble ticket a few days ago but no response yet. WTF???
  2. Yogesh

    Yogesh Member Staff Member ADMINISTRATOR I'm Developer

    all tickets are answered.
  3. larrylaure

    larrylaure New Member

    I have not received my MobilRR login info at all, I've sent emails to the support email, and I've submitted a ticket here as well. I would sincerely appreciate a response to this issue asap? I purchased the product last week, and would love if somebody would please email me the login info.

    Lauren Weiss
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  4. daniel_pog

    daniel_pog New Member

    Me too. I've emailed support AND the seller and got nothing in return. Not happy and not good support.

    Daniel Forde-Pogson
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  5. daniel_pog

    daniel_pog New Member

    You haven't answered my ticket or sent me my login details for Mobilrr
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  6. daniel_pog

    daniel_pog New Member

    Exactly my p
  7. kingmidas

    kingmidas New Member

    I've also bought this and sent receipt email to support but have had ZERO response.

    I really want to get going with this software but am completely stuck at the moment as I have no log-in details.

    Really shoddy support.

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  8. daniel_pog

    daniel_pog New Member

    I'm with you there, Iain. Get on the call tomorrow night and we'll all raise it as a major problem
  9. kingmidas

    kingmidas New Member

    Will do. Never experienced such a bad customer service before.
  10. daniel_pog

    daniel_pog New Member

    BTW, I was on that call, raised the issue several times and was totally ignored even though the product creator was managing the call.
  11. Yogesh

    Yogesh Member Staff Member ADMINISTRATOR I'm Developer


    My Team will answer everything within 24 Hours. Please hang on. We were off due to my marriage :)

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