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  1. james_wall
    Where do you submit a ticket?? Ezee Ranker does not work as per instructions. Installed admin, runs, when closed will not run.
  2. albertismc
    I have not received the login info for Video Bookmarker V2.0
  3. keckmengta
    keckmengta Yogesh
    More than 24 hours and I am still unable to access anything from Local Lead Beast.

    What are you doing about it ?

    Sent so many email and no response.

    Getting annoyed already. Service really terrible.
    1. Yogesh
      I think it was taken care of. You have to use same user and pass.
      Mar 5, 2017
  4. jock312
    jock312 Yogesh
    Yogesh - I have run the .msi for ezeetracker - in fact I have done this three times and deleted the program twice - I can not find a method that allows me to run the program - no shortcut on the desk top- and no info in the One drive or documents - I am running Windows 10 plenty of RAM and Space - what am I doing incorrect ?? Need Help
    1. Yogesh
      goto Installed location and run Ezee Rank Tracker.exe

      I will check and fix this issue asap.
      Dec 13, 2016
  5. SassySEO
    Really would love to get my lifetime pro license to work for some reason it keeps saying Trial Expired!
  6. BBHFMalice
    Skills - Reverse Engineering (Cracking), SEO, Bug Hunting, Software Protection.
  7. dannyjaque
    dannyjaque Yogesh
    Hi Yogesh, I cannot seem to update to latest version, in runs but doesn't update, still on V and this doesn't seem to work now. Can you advise what to do..
  8. jbrannon29
    jbrannon29 Yogesh
    Update doesn't work. Do you have a fix for that. Mine is stuck on version 6.05
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    2. Yogesh
      Please Run Software as Administrator. It should work fine then.
      May 19, 2015